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  • Busy Doesn’t Begin to Describe it…

    Posted on October 8th, 2012 Dr. Mario M. Bisi No comments

    It appears that some nineteen and a half months have passed since I was last able to write anything at all on my website, so between now and the end of November 2012 I am going to update all the relevant information on here including the new addition of my ERC project proposal and some preliminary information related to the proposal in addition to the proposal text which will be submitted in its final form on 17 October 2012…

    Being back in Wales things have most-definitely gotten busier - both in terms of work - and personally - lots of things in development with regards to work and lots of changes on the personal front - all for the good though and very exciting overall! :-)

    And so, yes, I am still here, still alive, and still plan to add more posts and more info once it proves humanly possible to do so - but apart from trying to update things throughout November 2012 - the outlook doesn’t seem fantastic on my getting the time to do this - but I will try…

    Thanks again for coming back, I appreciate it!

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