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  • JENAM 2009 - The Official Opening

    Posted on April 20th, 2009 Dr. Mario M. Bisi 3 comments

    The opening Ceremony of JENAM 2009.

    Today (Monday 20 April 2009) saw the first day of JENAM/MIST/UKSP for EWASS with an official opening at a little after 09:00h BST following the pre-conference social opening yesterday evening (Sunday 19 April 2009). The opening ceremony started with a short introduction by the University of Hertfordshire’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Tim Wilson. Prof. Andy Fabian OBE FRS, President of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) then gave a brief summary of the RAS and commented on the current government’s support for science while introducing the next speaker (a parliamentary Minister).

    This was followed by Great Britain’s Minister of State for Science and Innovation Lord (Paul) Drayson who talked on how the UK scientists need to concentrate on the sectors of science which are currently most in need (before he had to rush off visiting Astrium in Stevenage, a maker of satellites in the UK). He congratulated those working on science in the UK saying that UK scientists are second only to those in the USA with regards to their productivity and the scientific output. He was particularly interested in ensuring funding continues to solar and space sciences (somewhat the opposite stance of the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) just last year throughout 2008 who favoured astrophysics-type sciences rather than the closer-to-home solar and space kind). He commented that the UK needs to remain a leader in the satellite industry regarding current technologies and must cotinue to press forward with new innovations saying that space-age tools are essential for both security and economic stability. He especially liked that this year (2009) was the 400-year anniversary of the first telescope invented and used by Galileo Galilei in 1609 and the first time in 15 years since JENAM was last here in Great Britain.

    Dr. Joachim Krautter, President of the European Astronomical Society (EAS) was up next who briefly talked about the history of JENAM with this year being its largest having some 1100 registered attendees. He also commented that this was the largest meeting held in the UK since Manchester hosted the International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly. He encouraged people to become members of the EAS, particularly the younger generations, and also commented that the UK education system was the best in the World and that the UK is a lead country in astronomy and has been since modern-day astronomy began! He finished saying that there is an exciting conference ahead of us from our own Sun and planets, all the way out to include the far realms of cosmology; he then gave good wishes to all for a successful and fruitful meeting.

    Prof. Tim Wilson.Prof. Andy Fabian OBE FRS.Lord (Paul) Drayson.

    Next came two solar-system-based keynote speakers, Prof. Richard A. Harrison MBE and Dr. Richard B. Horne, with this session chaired by Dr. Mike Hapgood, and with that, the conference officially commenced.

    Prof. Richard A. Harrison MBE.Dr. Richard B. Horne.Dr. Mike Hapgood.

    More on this soon though!

    JENAM 2009.JENAM 2009.JENAM 2009.JENAM 2009.JENAM 2009.

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